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5 Reasons To Go See Live Music Tonight In Boston

Posted by Josh David on Sep 12, 2014 12:12:00 AM

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Being a weekend warrior playing in boston cover bands is a tiring, exhilerating, frustrating, rewarding, thankless, gracious, and potentially lucrative way to spend your Friday and Saturday nights. I often hear fans of live music complain about the state of the band scene in Boston, both in the original AND cover scene. This post focuses particularly on the cover band side of it, but most of what will be touched upon is applicable to live original music as well. In my mind, there are SO many reasons to get off your ass and go to the nearest live music venue. I wanted to share a few of what I think are the most important. 


 1. Boston girls LOVE local bands. No, seriously. Especially cover bands. (See above).

This is a proven fact. If you want to meet girls, go see a cover band at a bar like The Burren, The Lansdowne Pub, or the Bell in Hand. They are taking their clothes off, making out with each other, and having a grand old time...without you. Seriously, like 250 of them at a time. It's crazy. Like this band, Boston's Best Cover Band. They are up to their elbows in hot, weird, crazy girls at every show. It's like being in a ball pit of 20 something year old women.

2. If you don't go see live music tonight and heckle the bands, Jessie's Girl will continue to be played.

 I know this sounds like a joke. It's not. The reason Jessie's girl keeps getting played (apart from the fact that it is a disgustingly catchy song) is that bars keep booking the same crap bands over and over and over again. I attribute this greatly to the fact that ACTUAL music fans don't even bother going to see bands anymore. No one bothers because they already know what they will hear. Sweet Home, Jessie's Girl, some crappy Green Day song, some poor bastard hacking the lead part to Shipping Up To Boston. It's awful, I know. But it doesn't have to be. There are still plenty of good bands out there. Give them a chance!! And throw stuff when people play Jessie's Girl.

3. Every time someone says, "I don't like cover bands", somewhere there's a kitten who drops dead.

    This is perhaps the saddest aspect of the dying music scene. The kittens dying along with it. Don't kill kittens. Give cover bands a chance again.

4. If you think your band is better, prove it.

Yup. You know who you are. Sitting at home, wondering why all those crappy bands have gigs and you don't. You've been practicing the Malmsteen lick so hard, you no longer just play it. You summon all of the demon power left in the universe and let the riff flow from your finger tips like prop blood spraying onto a crowd filled with adoring fans. OR, you stand in the back the whole time with your arms crossed, critiquing the band on stage and telling your friend how YOU would have done it. I actually prefer the second one. At least you're giving money to the club. And maybe we will see you sulking in the corner and invite you up on stage!! Hey, it could happen. You are wearing a Fender T-Shirt after all.

5. You might stumble into a bar that Fighting Friday is playing.

If this happens, you've hit the mother load mack daddy jackpot and you are about to hear Fighting Friday, Boston's best cover band. Here is what you won't hear: The same old crap. I guarantee that if you go see a show with Fighting Friday, you will do three things. 1) You will rock your face off 2) You will shake it on the dance floor all night 3) You will laugh. Have you ever heard 4 guys cover Barbie Girl and then go directly into YMCA, go into a Grease tangent, sprinkle in some Michael Jackson, and Backstreet boys, and then end with Metallica all in one mashup? I'm assuming the answer is, "no". Well, come see it. We will not disappoint. After all, we are the best live band in Boston.

Live Music Schedule  For Fighting Friday



    Go see a band. Any band, preferable Fighting Friday, boston's best live music. But really, we don't care who you see. Just get out there and get involved in the music scene again. We live in one of the best music cities on the east coast, why are you wasting it?


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