Boston's Best Cover and Original Band

Josh Cramoy
Vocals  // Guitar
Josh once saved a family of chimpanzees from a rabid herd of velociraptors while knitting a sweater for the youngest Kardashian baby. When he's not testing out the latest video game, he likes to donate his time to blood banks as a taste tester. Josh and Jim met on craiglist in foot fetish personal ad, never thinking that they would one day form
   Boston's Best Cover and Original Band                                                
                                          Boston's Best Cover and Original band
Jim Harper
Lead Guitar // Vocals
When he's not wrangling ravenous pitbulls or dreaming up new schemes for internet companies, Jim likes to play one of his bazillion guitars. He once took a bet that he would be able to not purchase a new guitar for a whole year...He lost. They fill the void in his soul and distract him from an empty lonely existence. On the bright side, Jim is a featured artist on the Fractal Audio website for Axe FX.
Myk Wilkins
Bass // Vocals
Myk is an enigma. One of a kind. You say tomato, he says backpack. He makes no sense to anyone but himself and we prefer to keep it that way. If his senseless ramblings started making sense, time as we know it would bend and warp and the universe would surely end.
 Boston's Best Cover and Original Band
                                            Boston's Best Cover and Original Band Rusty Crowe
Drums // Vocals
Kiss. That is all.


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